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Faith Without Works Is Dead

Our Lady of Lavang Parish  Ottawa Sunday Mass: 9:30 AM - Main Mass. 11:30 AM - Youth Mass 280  Wesley Avenue Ottawa Tel : (613) 663 5743


Mass Times

Masses at Our Lady of Lavang Parish are celebrated in Vietnamese.

Mass Times:

Office Hours:


30 minutes before Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Masses.


Scheduled at 4:30 pm of first Saturday of every month. Please contact liturgical assistants to have forms filled in and give them back to the pastor before ceremony for record keeping.

Holy Matrimony:

Couples and representatives (parents, siblings or close relatives) of both families are asked to see the pastor at least six months prior to the wedding date.

Annointing of the sick - Visitation - Holy Communion:

Please contact the parish office or call 613-663-5743.