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Faith Without Works Is Dead

Our Lady of Lavang Parish  Ottawa Sunday Mass: 9:30 AM - Main Mass. 11:30 AM - Youth Mass 280  Wesley Avenue Ottawa Tel : (613) 663 5743


The Vietnamese catholic population has been increasing more and more after preserving traditional Vietnamese culture and developing the friendship of Christ for many years. Ottawa Archbishop gave St. Jeanne D’Arc church and promoted the Vietnamese catholic community to become Our Lady of La Vang Parish.

The last mass of Vietnamese catholic community at Christ-Roi church was celebrated at 11:00AM on May 25, 2001 and the first mass at the new church was celebrated on June 1, 2001. Ottawa Archbishop Marcel Gervais celebrated Thanks mass and inaugurated Our Lady of La Vang Parish at 11:00AM on June 24, 2001, with the participation of many Vietnamese catholics in the Ottawa region. Many honourable guests also came to share the happiness with our parish.


In May 1975, some of the first Vietnamese refugees came to Ottawa and started to gather at Christ-Roi church on Sundays. As time passed, more Vietnamese refugees arrived and settled in Ottawa-Hull area. At that time, Father Jacques Faucher was a pastor of Christ-Roi and he allowed the Vietnamese catholic community to invite Father Nhan Tu Tran to celebrate mass in Vietnamese every three or four months for many years. Afterwards, Father Canh Quang Vu came to help the Vietnamese catholic community with many things in those difficult times.

Father Canh Quang Vu received an order from Ottawa Archbishop on Feb. 02, 1988 to be a chaplain for the Vietnamese catholic community. The Vietnamese Catholic community was officially founded in the Archdiocese of Ottawa. Since then, Sunday masses were celebrated in Vietnamese at Christ-Roi church.